Secure Your Data

The service uses enterprise class, state of the art cloud technologies that does much more than a standard backup solution.

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Secure Your Data

How We're Different

Our DRaaS solution gives you a full mirror of your systems, accessed remotely within minutes of a disaster.

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How We're Different
DR Quarters are experts in cutting edge and cost effective DR solutions

Our Unique Set of Features

 Your systems, applications, servers and data gets mirrored off site up to 96 times per day. Experience peace of mind, business compliance and 100% safety, without the old school cost structure. 

  • Bare metal restore
  • Recovery time objective within hours of a disaster
  • Granular recovery of files and folders
  • Backup of Exchange and SQL
  • 3 pricing levels available
  • Backup of critical applications
  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Local backup for quick restores
  • Incremental backups every 15 minutes

Simple Set-Up – We send you a Plan B Disaster Recovery snapshotting appliance that plugs into your network.


Critical System Snapshotting – Once installed, the snapshotting appliance will automatically start taking copies of your critical systems every night.


The Clever Bit – The snapshots of your systems are processed into working computer system images and converted to run on our unique virtualisation-based platform.

Excellent service and great to know my data is 100% secure. Their pricing is so simple and cost effective compared to other quotes I received. Would highly recommend DR Quarters ~ Peter Murphy, Rightnow Residential