How Does DRaaS Work?

Simple Cloud Based DR That Protects Your Data


Stage 1 – Simple Set Up

From this point, the appliance will not need any further support from your IT staff and you won’t have to change how you run your systems in any way!

You then follow a very simple installation process that takes no more than 20 minutes to set up the appliance and point it at the systems that need protection.

We send you a Plan B Disaster Recovery snapshotting appliance that plugs into your network.


Stage 2 – Critical System Snapshotting

Once installed, the snapshotting appliance will automatically start taking copies of your critical systems every night. The appliance performs this activity intelligently – looking for changes to files, rather than blindly copying whole machines.

The appliance encrypts the snapshots and securely sends them to Plan B DR for processing.

The historical snapshots held on the appliance provide the bonus of a local file backup.


Stage 3 – The Clever Bit

Once received by Plan B Disaster Recovery, the snapshots of your systems are processed into working computer system images and converted to run on our unique virtualisation-based platform. We call these the rescue images. This clever daily physical to virtual conversion is Plan B DR magic and is performed automatically.

But we don’t stop there – we go the extra mile and test every new rescue image – daily – to be sure it will work when you really need it.


Stage 4 – If The Worst Happens

In the event of a problem, don’t worry you are now covered!

Simply call Plan B DR, follow our quick authorisation process and we will boot-up your systems on our new, virtual machines immediately. Your business will then be back on track within the hour.



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