What is DRaaS

Disaster Recover as a Service Explained


Data is crucial to every company, and loss or downtime can have serious business risk.

From a lack of productivity, financial loss and not to mention time!

Traditional Disaster Recovery solutions are out of date, time consuming and costly. With DR Quarters you can benefit from the latest cloud technologies to save time, save money and reduce hassle.

If your systems and data are not protected by a disaster recovery solution then you are jeopardizing your companies future.


Introducing The Full Benefits of DRaaS


Minimum disruption– Business and communications systems available quickly enabling you to control the incident keeping staff and customers informed, maximizing ability to keep working.

Guaranteed recovery – 100% testing ensures working systems can be recovered in minutes. No ifs or buts.

Minimum downtime– Working replacement IT systems, running on our virtual servers within 30 minutes of an incident.

Simple managed service – That is incredibly simple to set up (about 20 minutes to install the Plan B DR Appliance) and needs no ongoing IT support.

Simple invocation – Just a phone call will initiate recovery of your systems with Plan B staff available to help every step of the way meaning recovery can happen even without your IT team being available.

Recovery systems available from anywhere – Recovery systems available from anywhere with an Internet connection giving complete flexibility.

Inclusive local file back up – Get lost or deleted files back from the local Plan B DR Appliance, quickly and easily. And because we test the snapshots every day this is one back up you can be confident is working and will be there when you need it

Low monthly costs – Protect your critical IT systems, quickly and easily, for as little as £135 per month. No capital budgets required!


How Does DRaaS Work